Time came and time has come to pass.

When we first met,
I never imagined that time could that quick steal enough of our relationship
But in a sudden, its two years and the time dreadfully ended;
Leaving us with nothing but the sadness to say goodbye.

When I first met you, I was filled with joy, hope, inspiration;
Oh, I had my shoulders jerked high.

But as that time melted away, like it finally did,
The joy in me,
The hope I had,
The inspiration I eagerly embraced,
All undeniably faded.

But I don’t know whether it’s the sadness of parting
Or the fear of the new world I ought to face outside your realms;
But whatever it is- joy, hope, inspiration, sadness, or mere doubt,
There must be another encounter awaiting me;
Where I will reincarnate
And where time will, one day, scuttle into my newly found relationship,
And once more, steal the spotlight;
And I will be left with nothing
But the unbearable fear of starting a new life.

But whatever that rejuvenated life maybe or partake,
I will forever remember you, my Alma mater- the mold of my life.