Where are the trees that stood between us?

The horizon is unending,

The sun never sets,

And the blue waters shimmer my eyes.

This sight I never expected,

I had visited for 30 years,

But it was never nude like this.

Now I can see the sea from afar

The trees that stood between us,

The trees that canopied the once beautiful sand dunes,

Forcefully melted away

And the sand dunes too disappeared

Leaving behind trenches that we can never refill

And the heavy mining machines wailing across the coast;

Stealing the dunes,

Deafening us, disintegrating us, and

The trees that stood between us

Left nothing but denuded vast lands.

Where are the trees and sands that disappeared?

What have we from them?

Where are the promises of a better paradise?

They left us with nothing

But naked land staring at the embers of the sun;

A rusty beach overpowered by

The stench of rotten fish, decayed seaweeds,

Over grown razor-sharp boulders,

A dwindling coastline, and

Roaring waters.

They left us with nothing but tears

Streaming from Batokunku to Kartong