Like a whirlwind, it came –

The shadowy, cracked voice we never anticipated
And we, as citizens, never speculated between ourselves either.

Our hopes, our dreams, carried away in a film of cold air.
We lost it,
We lost it, our wholeness.

Our flabby beings transposed to fluffy feathers
The souls in us, reduced
And these feeble souls, dwindled in the embracing fogs.

Basking under the calm palms of Taipei, as did by our predecessors,
We preempted to embrace better lights
Instead, the lights themselves preempted us –
And we became dreams in ourselves.

In the living streets, we see not ourselves anymore
Nor feel our solemn breaths pulsating
For these innocent nimble airs have been, in a selfish confusion, sacrificed without our consent,
We, the innocent seedlings became the victims of the in-humanness.

In the juxtaposed streets, we are no more ourselves
For our faces we have lost in the battle we never fought in ourselves –
No pride anymore lingering ahead for us.
All in us, our racked composites, are now even lighter than our mass.

Where is life itself
Do we still linger with it – for our dreams have been kidnapped.

Yes our souls have been caged
Caged, yes, but our humble breathes are our remains, our life bearers and not their inhumane, dark hearts.

Yes we are with our breathes
And the hope it broth, we will ever glue to
And the future, our future, will never bleed…
For time has time
And the time begot the future.


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