Listening Keenly

A day has elapsed since we last saw you

And breathes of your sweet scents scatter around us
Like the first raindrops on our dry mud flats.

In time haven’t you make a call
Through the phone in your roaring world
Or to salute us silently like you used to do with those beautiful inklings.

The course you chose the life you partake
Gave us the awareness we both yearned for
But this, was their worst nightmare
Because you told us the truth
You showed their nudity, the nudity they personally chose and
They thought it can make them richer, or stay for eternity
But your pen, your voice, deterred them of their evil acts

And on a brief evening, through their accomplishes
They took you away, without your consent, and without any explanation to us.

Until today, we are listening; we are waiting for your return
We all yearn to see you because we miss you
But today, more than a decade since they took you away
We’ve lost the truth, and we know well that we can’t ever see each other again.

And the cowards, they think that they have won
They think that they can silence us, through your disappearance
But to date, they’re only fooling themselves
Because soon, we will know the truth about your disappearance
And of many like you, and the cowards will be shown their own misery.

I can still remember our first encounter at the house in Bakau
When you hinted me of the friends I should make
Or who else I should talk to
And today, am really sorry that I couldn’t thank you
Or even remind you of the same brotherly advice.
For till today, I can’t fully understand how they have sacrificed you
How they posed their back to you only to safe their own desires.
But today, where are they, can they still harness their wickedness?

My brother, you are gone but I may sense your subtle echoes rattling through the vents in our hearts
Our untimely parting we might say was an easy task
But within us are the embers piercing through our saddened peace

And there you are
There earthed in an unceremonious bed of gold
While we, the living beings, still have the shabby world in our fists and the cowards still ravaging our lives.


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