Taboos in Cultures

A pregnant woman should not eat an egg…

The child will be dumb forever;
She shouldn’t even eat pumpkin…
The fetus will be as fat as a pig.
Bananas shouldn’t be frequently eaten by men …
They will have a soft manhood.
A shoe shouldn’t be left upside down…
A bad omen will befall on the owner’s mother.
Salt, needle and charcoal shouldn’t be mentioned
Or sold at night…
Bad luck will befall on society.
A man going for a journey or to work
Shouldn’t meet with a woman as the first person…
He will be unlucky for the rest of the day or his entire journey.
One shouldn’t present a clock or watch as a gift…
The recipient’s days will soon be numbered.
One shouldn’t present a knife as a gift…
It could cut through a friendship or be suggestive of suicide.
Do not give a person a bunch of chrysanthemums or dahlias or white lilies…
They are gifts for the dead.
You should always give an odd number of flowers – but not 13…
Number 13 is as bad as number 4.

And everywhere in the world, the countless lists go by,
And different cultures clash along the way;
But both grandpa and grandma would never answer further questions regarding why,
But only that: cultures say that they are not good and all revolve around death and bad luck;
So to be free from all troubles grandchild, always remember to give out books.
They are the only ones beyond the critique of cultures.


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