The Cycle of Lust

A promise to stay forever

But sorry that I couldn’t hold it.

The water and the wind;

The breathe and perfume;

Molded a wrath around my bleeding heart

For it’s never easy to part

So was the endless moments I spent singing to let me in

But love I never knew is a cunning journey

It spills like water in a desert.

The water, wind, breathe and perfume

Drenched me in a broth of confusion.

But I wish I could have held the pail forever;

Clench to it like a fetus to the womb

But this, my dear I can’t anymore,

For us, men are like storm.

Seems I was never told how it grows or dies

This ire of lust;

For I never thought there is ever an end to the disillusion

Until I came across its sepulcher;

Her perfume maimed me;

Her breath intoxicated my blood;

The milky skin blinded me;

And my days and nights listen to her meandering tides.

Guess what?

It’s the cycle, gains momentum,

And this time, it’s hers, like the youth of your days.

I wish I could have clenched my fist

To not let her in

And safeguard your mourning breathe

But the waves are unceasing

To garnish me to another peacock.

I wish I can clench my fist this time

And never leave her like you,

But we are a fluffy feather

We leave by the wind

And never know how grey the nights will be,

So is our love lives.

Seems there is no truth in the cycle

We only get used to the other side of the coin

And when it’s flicked, our pulses change phase

And we live in utmost denials;

We recycle whenever the wind turns;

And we drill a callous hole,

But blindfolded to the pain in the downside of the coin.



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