The Last Secret

Your tears streaming down quench my heart.

Feel the stagnation of my pulses:

My breath I can’t control anymore

My blood runs numb, but immortal in loving you.

But you wished your tears never dropped, so do I;

For I know that your heart is drenched in a witty sorrow

But I know, you can imagine, from my wail,

How hard it is for me to cast such a gruesome look to your face.

How I wish I could have broken the silence kept in me,

How I wish I could have told you about that unfounded secret.

How I wish you could have escaped such a sorrow caused.

The oozing tears, the line they draw on your tender cheeks,

The serenity in the hidden smiles behind that face,

Renders me mute: my mouth can’t address the beauty behind it.

But in your timid eyes, I see the gushing pain

And this pain, I will strive to carry forever

For there will be no more secrets to keep

Because there is no more of them in me again.

I can assure you, my muse that all that boil in me

Are the thousand thoughts about you.

The love I had always wanted from you;

The love I had always yearned to safeguard for eternity:

That glistening emerald bulging in your eyes.

Those tears, I promise to clean for the last time,

And will forever besiege love’s bounty,

And will never let even an air between us,

For I will hold onto you,

Hold onto you till death:

And on that day, the day of my last breath,

I will succumb to nothing

But a wish of not owing you any form of secret.


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