The Naked Silence

Sometimes we don’t want to start,

Only because we fear the inevitable;
We fear that we will lose our lives,
And our wives or husbands will become widows,
And the children will grow without knowing us.

So we choose to let silence eat into our lives,
And forever, we silently grief over the pain being inflicted on us,
While the rogue crocodiles keep foraging on our cowardice,
And they manipulate not only the way we dress or eat,
But even the way we breathe;
For daily, through our own sons and daughters,
Unto whom we bestow our trust for our protection,
They make untimely visits to our houses,
Our workplaces, or even in the open streets;
They strangulate us;
They maim our raw flesh;
They make us disappear forever;
They make us unsafe everywhere we are,
Even on our own beds.

So our fear intensifies,
And we happily embrace the treacherous, naked silence
Because in the peak of our obtuse choice of being silent, we feel safer,
But we become defenseless
And even our judiciary and constitution become lifeless.

But till today we forget to understand
That the silence we choose is our utmost enemy,
It is the least we should be proud of,
Because for decades now, it never helped us through,
Rather, it passes us through rough, savages.
And it weakens our strengths to voice out the truth.


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