When will the sun shine once more?

We chanted, toiled and waited,

Searched through the chaparral;

Rummaged the shameful wild

And the hobo’s paths are everywhere in the desert

Yet we can’t impute the last candle.

Our swollen feet are frosted,

Our hands congealed

Our hearts, concrete.

Our quagmire rampaging our trust

And the eavesdropping chill biting us

Our search for the sunshine seems endless

But we hope the tables will soon turn

We hope our consumed critters will be recouped

Our rancor will be streamlined

And our imbrued nation will be revamped from the facile nihilism.


We are tired, jaundiced

Of the lies, the hatred, the insults, the fruitless promises;

We are soured by the politicians

Who think we should always be grasslands

We are being trampled, tapered, coiled, and dragooned

And we always succumb to the pain.

But it’s time to sway,

We shouldn’t be parasites to each other,

But should let the sun shine on all.