Enough Sirens: united in hope

United in hope, we can rest the dust around us,

With the ardor, we can gyre the wilderness; push the course; settle the confusion.
Did we ever know that we can be married, in a wish to see the bull’s eyes?
That one day, we can remove the cocky mammoth from its mantle;

Without mushing, but with our tied, flabby hands?
Did we ever know that we can raise the flag
With one finger, without shivering?

But we did it, mixed in a mortar;
Though, day and night, we’re being severed,
Derailed with derogatory tirade; thick tribal and holy division.

But today, the hope of being free is our glue, our compass;

And we thrashed the swanky mammoth, mixed in a mortar.
We should not let the glue melt, it’s our last fragile hope.
Our hope is nigh, a month away.

Our hope is greater than us,
But it is dust, whirling; it can be eased;
It’s the last drop of water from a spoilt tap, but can be fixed and collected;
It’s with a flea, consuming us, but the vermin can be negated;
The hope, today, is wispy but only together, we can hold the dust;
Together, our might can secure the lost courage;
Together, we can rest the plague and build our nation.


12 thoughts on “Enough Sirens: united in hope”

    1. With the current political impasse in my country, Gambia, I believe that only unity can help us solve the dilemma. Am not living there but I have my family there, the same like many others, and we are all scared of what might happen after January 19 when the new government suppose to take the helm of power. What will happen to the innocent civilians if the out-going president refuses to step down?

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      1. I feel for you, and can relate, because we are facing the same situation with what is happening here. It is unchartered territory that we are on. I am sure it is worse in Gambia, but here it really is a joke, as we are supposed to represent something noble and we have lost that in this election. The whole noble ideal that we supposedly built this country on has always been a myth considering the things we have done here and in other countries, so I really say that with a grain of salt. We need to all get serious and understand we are one race, human.

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