Eugene: Take me

Take me with your golden hands

Thrust me into the immortal furnace of your eyes

Hand in hand, let’s drown into the wilderness,

For every second, I see pale hull in the mirror;

My hair that flared is dull; the skin that fired the dark, is flabby.

Daily, the curtain is drawn nearer, I hallucinate childhood,

A time when with friends, we scouted for hairs, yearned to youth, to mount the wheel.

But today, here they are, hairs everywhere, oppressive, mousy;

My chin, divorcing the bold-face; my skin, wrinkling.

Eugene, take me into your warm arms

Wrap my defoliating skin, grease my throbbing heart

They’re tearing apart, plunged into ice that never melts.

Take me in, for the heat encysting me is baneful

It matures daily, creepy.

Eugene, take me to the summit

Where I can court the pain of living and accost aging.


3 thoughts on “Eugene: Take me”


    My Dear enchanted bliss
    In the luster of your enclave I slumber
    The divinity of my soul is throbbed
    In your glorified and lucid eyes
    My gently soul is amazed
    Your beauty is purified

    My Dear enchanted bliss
    In my heart was a joyous agitation
    A provocation of a desire within me
    When I saw you in the day that was destined
    Your warmth and smiles was a kind hand on my cold soul

    My Dear enchanted bliss
    I solemnly yearned for our blessed and eternal union
    In the land afar, I dream.

    From: Koromah(LOL).
    I guess you may know me. I will remain invincible. I will be sending my poems henceforth on the theme of the poems you will be publishing. Thanks.

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