Chasing waterfalls

What else, but my cocoon trapped in the wild

I chastised sanity and a glamorous journey

So none of my sins is cleansed

I am, but only a desperate, marooned despot

I am, but a reckless, lost feline

Chasing waterfalls percolating in a hot desert


Most men are jubilant for tearing down their throats,

They are glad to see their sinking ship loose its last price

Because they envelope the beauty of one woman, they only fall for one.

But not me, a dreadful sinner

Not me, a lost fiend

I am beautiful, but only on my hull

For I salute every page been folded in the city,

I wax for any frond that passes by,

Being silly to all the girls in the neighborhood.


And I never cared about my scars

Because I am, as they say, a perfect freak.

I never fight to end the decades of nasty hassles around their waists

They are never valuable to me

Their long days to satisfy me make them tasteless.

But that rather hardened me like steel out of a furnace

I adore them more, chasing waterfalls

Wanting more and more, of their wilting concords,

Chasing waterfalls, is my mark

But for decent men, guarding one woman is their savory quest.


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