Part of the ocean is more desert than brine
And my deliverance mirrored on the desert

I need a shower in your spring

And let your beams ravage my myopia

Aghast by their ravaging fangs.

Most men want to be revered,

But the doves in the citadel are cagy,

They coo, but to only one, at least one at a trod

And their hearts grow soft like silk.

I thought I had a spoil, for capping two lassies

But am tossed to the Bay of Fundy

Can’t hang for a minute longer

Am naked, buried in Rafflesia

With two birds draining my nectar

Each, piercing through my starkness

Wanting to resolve me.

Am urging for the last breath

For I have only a heart, that can solace one colleen

Am crossing the Marianas, without a pull

Lost in the gyre, trying to fulfill their choleric crush

But they fail to know that I am an oasis,

A withered petal carelessly hanging in the sun.