The last abuse

Perhaps you thought it’s a lie again

I had lied several times

That I will love you in your deathbed

But all I was, was a liar

But this time, I will wipe your feet

With my wet tongue, and amass the dust in my house

For this time,

Believe me, even though it’s for me

But I promise that my love is a white pigeon

Flapping its wings in the wild gyre

In search of a stench buried in a starless night.

Believe me one last time

Even though it’s for my interest

Even though it’s selfish of me

Perhaps you will stay

And listen to my last lies

I will coo to none but you

My lies will glue us.


Am at the edge now

I like old souls, old people, and old shoes

I am at the horizon,

I like everything as old as me

Except you, fresh like lemonade

At least this time you could listen to my lies

Perhaps you could rest on my shoulders as we did in the tavern

Perhaps you could rest your tired eyes

Peeping deep into my watery eyes

Like we used to do in the meadows

Staring at the last lilies

Before they wilted, like our lost lust

Perhaps you will stay this time

And swallow my last beats

Of the last lies ready to eddy a sailor.


You made my heart beat so fast it shattered like glass in a slum

Perhaps, this time you could stay

And listen to my last breathe

That only counts your steady paces

Like a starlet held in time

I have tried thinking but being wary of my shadows

I have tried stopping my breath

But the thoughts about you

Dissuade me from all my humble thoughts about our parting

And here I am, ready to lick your earthed fertility

Here I am, ready to spew my final lies

Perhaps you will stay this time

And let us flock to the mirage of my lust

Perhaps you could listen to my last lies

That laying my head on your chest

Listening to your heartbeats

That’s the safest and calm feelings in the world.


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